The Big Reds!!!

Posted 11/15/14

Redline Roots has posted their "Big Reds" for 2014 and they were nice enough to give me a pretty great representation!

Baker Thomas Band has been nominated for "Favorite Local Rock n' Rollers" and "Favorite Residency."  Wooooot!
Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge was also nominated for "Favorite Residency" as well!!!
Tom Bianchi (ya know… me!) was nominated for "Favorite Local Bassist," "Best Supporting Role," and "Unsung Hero,"  

Wow!  6 nods from the Redline Roots folks!  That's pretty bad ass.   Thanks y'all!

What Redline Roots is doing is something quite large for the local music community.  They're not only reaching out, but digging in deep with their ears to the ground to see who's doing what around town, then spreading the word.  It's an unmeasurable service.

It's nice to get a bunch of nods but with all sincerity I'm not asking you to vote for me.  But… if you care about your local music I am asking you to vote.  Vote your favorites, vote your friends, vote what you like to hear… just vote.  Driving these numbers up would mean a lot for the cause.

The acts on this year's list are phenomenal.  Check'm out!  VOTE!!!!


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