Hunkered down and gettin' it done

Posted 2.14.15

     Hey friends!  It's Valentine's Day and my wife and I are snowed in.  What to do?  Well… nothing is more romantic for my wife than when I sit in front of a computer and put the final touches on her brand new record, "Glory Junkies!"  Yup!  I've finished producing Danielle Miraglia's new record and it's off to the mastering engineer on Tuesday!  You can help put the finishing touches on the record as well by pre-ordering it!  Just go to  and reserve your copy!!!

Now it's time to find a little space to work on the new Baker Thomas Band record!!!  Can't wait!

In the mean time, I wanted to shoot out a very huge thank you to all of the local people who continue to support live local music, even though this epic and record breaking weather.   This season has been a ridiculous test of stature and stamina, and our local music scene is passing with flying colors.  Crowds have been great and spirits have been hi!  (get it… HI!  Instead of high… cuz you've been there!  HI!)

Cheers!  And here's to all who keep on keepin' on!!!

Much Love!


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