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Posted 12/18/14

Last week was a real nice pat on the back.  From the good folks at Red Line Roots I received some really nice accolades!  Favorite Local Bassist, Favorite Residency (Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge, Favorite Rock 'n Rollers (Baker Thomas Band) and The Unsung Hero Award (I guess I've been sung!)  Thank you Red Line Roots!
A few awards to put on my virtual shelf is a nice way to finish out a year of hard work, but really these awards are all for us and our community (except maybe that bassist one… my ego is having a dance party for that one right now… a very bass driven dance party.)

All of these accolades involve gigs that are community based.  The Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge has hosted literally over 5,000 names over the last 8 years, (probably closer to 10,000) I'd imagine the "Unsung Hero Award comes forwarding talent along to the talent buyer at Toad and Lizard and booking Sunday evening acoustic music in the back room of the Burren as well as taking care of many session residencies in the front room there as well... and...

Last but not least, if there is such a thing as a community band, Baker Thomas Band has got to be pretty damn close to it.  For 5 years and running we've taken an 11 piece ensemble every week to the stage at Toad as well as hosted dozens of special guests over the years.

So… how to celebrate?  Right back to work baby!  

Tonight at  Toad is our last show of the year!!!  We have a kickin' full band and we're ready to rock it!!!

Thank you for an amazing year!

ToM BianchI
Host Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge
Host Burren Acoustic Music Sunday Series
Baker Thomas Band
All around nice guy!!!


I'm currently about half way through tracking Danielle Miraglia's next album, Glory Junkies.  So far our special guests include Pat McCann, Nephrok, Jen Kearney, Laurence Scudder and Eddie Shear on drums.  You can hear teasers by pre-ordering her CD at
I'm also sitting on basic tracks for the next Baker Thomas Band.  The foundation has been laid!  2015 will be a year of releases from the humble 24 HouR StudiO!!!
Burren Acoustic Music 
Sunday Series

I just updated the Burren calendar into February of the new year.  Performers include Mary Lou Lord, Olivia Brownle, Katrin, The Surviving Kenneally's, Box Of Birds, Noah Lubin and plenty more of our town's tried and true talent as well as new faces.

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