Our last show, Geoff Bartley and Danielle Miraglia...

24 Hour Music Presents & The Burren are sad to announce our last show…


The Burren Backroom Series
Saturday August 23rd
Doors at 6 pm - Show at 7 pm

It's been an amazing summer of shows and workshops.  In two months time our series hosted 12 events during our soft launch hosting national level talent as well as developing our local scene.  Professionally  it's been a ton of work… personally it's been a bit overwhelming... but it's been a terrific time!  We're up and rolling!  

This Saturday night's show is a big one.  I'm invested in this on so many levels.  Please do join us for what is shaping up to be a magical evening.

Danielle Miraglia:  This past winter while buried underneath mountains of snow, Danielle and I recorded and produced her latest CD, "Glory Junkies."  It was release in May and since then Danielle has been touring relentlessly.  The disc is getting great radio play on WUMB and The River as well as on radio stations up and down the east coast.

This will be Danielle's first Burren show in many years, the room that was quintessential in helping her get her start.  For years Danielle hosted and performed on Sunday nights.  It's time for a homecoming!!!

Geoff Bartley:  Geoff means the world to Danielle and I as well as the local music community for obvious reasons.  For many years while living in Central Square, Geoff helped me get my first local stage chops, letting me sneak in to the Cantab late night on Monday's and playing some tunes.  Always the gentleman host, he's been running Monday nights for 2 decades.  Danielle also got some of her first real deal guitar lessons from Geoff, taking her from your basic strummer to a seriously bad ass finger-picking blues player in a very short period of time. The songs you will hear are beautiful compositions both personal and political, led by his deep toned melodic vocal and backed by the heaviest level guitar there is!

ONE LAST SHOW!!!!  Then I'm taking a week off to hang with my family!  I think I deserve this one!  We'll be back first week of September of course kicking off another EBASS Showcase, The Suitcase Junket (YES!!!) and plenty more shows all season long including Samantha Farrell, Chris Barron, Chris Trapper, Jeffrey Gaines… just to name drop a few!  

Thank you so much for supporting this brand new series live at The Burren!  We're up and running!!!!

See ya Saturday!



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