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Posted 08/19/16

Hey Friends!

     I went to see Billy Joel last night at Fenway with my son Sawyer.  It was a meeting of two worlds in many way.  To hear Joel with that thick New York accent brought me right back to my youth growing up on the south shore of Long Island.  I felt a lot of home town pride.  But to hear him refer to Fenway as a "stadium" quickly filled me with the same level of Boston pride.  It's a fahkin' Paaaahk dude!  Fenway PAHK!!!  I've spent half my life in Boston now.  This is home.

     Also, in the meeting of two worlds watching my son enjoy these timeless songs filled me with a whole different kind of pride, the best kind.  It was a great time.  Tomorrow night I get to relive that in an amazing way!

     Tomorrow night I'll be doing a solo show at The Burren Backroom Series.  My young son Sawyer will be opening the show!  Last February he opened the show for me with 4 cover tunes of his favorite artists (including Chris Trapper!)  This time around he's added his first original compositions.  He's crushing it!!!

     I'll be going through my repertoire new and old switching from guitar to guitar and of course the ol' 1966 Fender Jazz Bass.  Plenty of new stuff on the table, but I'm sure I'll reach back for some old subway classics.

     The show is nice and early.  7 pm to 9 pm.  6 pm doors as well, so come on by early for dinner!  We'd love to see you!  Thank you for your wonderful support over the years!

Tom Bianchi
Sawyer Lawson Opens
Live at The Burren

Saturday 8/20 - 7 pm 
(all ages - Doors @ 6 pm)
247 Elm St - Davis Square
Somerville, MA  02144
(Be sure to use the discount code, 24HOUR for the best deal!)

See ya there!


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