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BTB is currently performing every Thursday night at

1912 Mass Ave - Porter Square
Cambridge, MA  -  10 pm
Never a cover!!!

Baker Thomas Band started in March of 2009 when Tom picked up a weekly residency at TOAD in Cambridge.  It's a collection of local musicians who come together to make great music and have a great time.

"After years of being a singer/songwriter/solo bassist, the one thing I missed the most was the raw energy and power of a band.  All my roots are from rock and roll.... being a soloist was a serious departure from that," Tom says.   Baker Thomas Band or "BTB" was not intended to be as big as it is now.  The original line up was drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and trombone.  From that humble 5 we've grown and now the band is rarely less than 9 or 10 artists with a full horn section and percussion section as well."  BTB has been a blast and hearing my songs interpreted through so many talented artists is a dream come true!"  - Tom

Baker Thomas Band put out their debut CD in March of 2011 and one of these days will put out another record!


This is the original TOAD flyer from the first residency. 

Noteworthy points:
We are not "Baker Thomas Band" yet, just Tom Bianchi and friends
Openers include Dietrich Strause, not yet in the Baker Thomas Band
John Cate and the Van Gogh Brothers feature Steve Latt in Violin, not yet in the Baker Thomas Band
Avi and Celia have not changed their name to "Hey Mama" yet
David Wax Museum is just breaking into the scene
Tim Gearan is still playing Mondays
Jen Murdza has not moved to LA yet