No One Else Sees The Spider Man

April 1st, 2019

"I came to when they ripped the tube out of my throat. It felt like when your thigh sticks to a cheap pleather car seat in the summer, or when you pull a band aid off just a little slower than fast, except inside my chest. I was surrounded by nameless doctors and I had no idea where I was or what happened."

I was in the Beth Israel ICU for much of April last year.  I had a stroke which led to a seizure.  I was intubated and put on a ventilator for almost two weeks until doctors could figure out and fix the complications. 

When I woke up I quickly realized the right side of my body was effected by the stroke.  I could barely lift my arm off the bed and my hand had very little strength and coordination.  The first thing I asked for was a squishy ball so I could start squeezing it.  After a day or so I was told that the brain remaps neurons much better with "purpose" rather than "basic function."  Sure, lifting a weight is helpful, but doing things like typing have serious benefits.  So I started to blog everything I was experiencing. 

"No One Else Sees The Spider Man" is the blog I kept from my hospital bed in Beth Israel's ICU Ward.  It's a true story of love and humor doing its best to prevail during traumatic times. 

The Nurses at Beth Israel ICU had a dramatic impact on me.  I'm currently in the middle of creating some sort of Non-Profit, or Special Fund so I can consistently do benefits and keep funds going to help BI ICU nurses.  In the meantime I just write my checks out to Beth Israel and I've been told writing, "Special Nurses Fund" is the best way to get the donations to the place intended.

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All donations 24 Hour Concerts are taking in during this COVID crisis have been split between my 24 Hour Concerts crew who is out of work and Beth Israel's, "Special Nurses Fund."