Back in the fall of 2019 I ordered a run of, "24 Hour Concerts" t-shirts!  I gave a few to my staff and planned on having them available for sale this coming July.  

...Well, now I'm sitting on 50 t-shirts and need to raise a little cash to stay afloat!  

It's a fine shirt!  Nice and soft and hi- quality!

This is a great way to show your support for live music and help the cause.

You can help us out and look great doing it!!!!

24 Hour Concerts T-Shirt
  • 24 Hour Concerts T-Shirt
  • 24 Hour Concerts T-Shirt


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These are nice and soft, hi-quality shirts! Pocket logo on front and large logo on back.

This is a great way to show your support for live local music and support the cause!

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Park St Blues

Park Street Blues

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Park Street Blues

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Recorded live at Park Street Station, Boston, MA in 1999 by Michael Bergeman and released in 2000, this is a snap shot in time from my days as a subway musician.

All noises are authentic, all songs are live and I must say I still listen to this recording regularly... not to hear myself perform, but to hear the soundscapes that Michael created when producing this.

The change hitting the hat, the people singing along and sharing compliments, the perfectly interrupted ending of songs when trains plow through the station... it's all real and it's all captured.

Lighthearted and fun, this CD is a perfect piece of Boston for the truest local Bostonian as well as the tourist who wants to take a piece of our town home.

The segues between songs are seamless and to listen to the album beginning to end is like stepping into the shoes of a subway musician for an afternoon and truly living the experience. For this reason the album is only available in full download.

Listening suggestions: While actually in the subway or on a long drive.

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