"You Really Host The Show!"
Steve Morse
Legendary Music writer for the Boston Globe

  If you are in need of a proper host or Em/Cee for an event, Tom is always available for hire.  

Entertaining an audience, making performers feel comfortable and at home and managing a stage schedule all at the same time is no small feat. Tom Bianchi has been working events like this all his life.

Going all the way back to High School years Tom has always been a host. With a jokester’s sense of humor, the ability to improvise and a consummate welcoming energy being an EmCee comes quite naturally to this self-proclaimed “24 Hour Entertainer.”

Tom hosts many events throughout the year including the Roots/Americana Stage at Cambridge River Fest as well as Berklee College’s Cafe 939 Open Mic. He also hosts and maintains two weekly events.

The Burren’s Sunday night “Back-room Acoustic Music” series, or B.A.M in Somerville, MA is booked and hosted by Tom. 10 years in running now, B.A.M has been hosting local singer/songwriters as well as acts from all around the world. By booking quality acts, running the sound system, greeting guests and making all the artists feel at home Tom fulfills his duties as host weekly at this longstanding event.

Also every Monday night Cambridge, MA Tom runs The Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge, or L.L.O.M.C. Modeled after Eddie’s Attic Open Mic Contest the L.L.O.M.C. is a weekly open mic where 20 different acts perform 2 songs on a Monday night for a shot to win the weekly door prize and an opportunity to play in the semi-annual Main Event show which boasts a $500 prize. Artists sign up in advance and Tom’s job is to run sound and not only host, but create a vibe that supports the community and creates a positive atmosphere where artists of all levels can perform to the best of their abilities. “The Challenge is not to win the contest, but to raise your own performance level each time you hit the stage.” - Tom Bianchi

With his band, Baker Thomas Band, Tom is as much the Captain of a party cruise as he is a bassist singer, entertaining the crowds and keeping the good times afloat. This band is a large group of local musicians who come together to make great music.



Current work includes:

EmCee/Host/Booking - The Burren's Sunday Night "Back-room Acoustic Music" series or B.A.M.

EmCee/Host/Booking - The "Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge" or L.L.O.M.C.

EmCee - Roots/Americana stage at Cambridge Riverfest - June 2nd 2012

EmCee - Berklee College Cafe 939 Open Mic - Dates TBA

EmCee - Adam Payne's "Benefit For Jane" - Sunday October 7th 2012

Past Events EmCee events includes

EmCee - Roots/Americana stage @ Cambridge River Fest - 2009, 2010, 2011

EmCee - Adam Payne's "Benefit For Jane" 2009 and 2011

EmCee - Quincy Market Street Performer Auditions 2000

Past Open Mics and other work includes

EmCee/Host/Talent Buyer - PJ Ryan's Monday Open Mic and Booking in Teele Square, Somerville, MA

EmCee/Host/Talent Buyer - The Middle East Corner Monday Open Mic and Corner Stage Booking in Central Square,  Cambridge, MA

EmCee/Host/Booking - The Kell's Tuesday Night Open Mic and feature booking, Allston, MA

EmCee/Host/Talent Buyer - Herrell's Renaissance Cafe Open Mic and Booking, Allston, MA

EmCee/Host - Durgin Park Wednesday Open Mic, Boston, MA





“Chaos in the midst of chaos isn't funny, but chaos in the midst of order is.” - Steve Martin

"Steve Martin could very well have been talking about the way Tom Bianchi calls the shots as Host every Monday at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge.  An accomplished musician himself, Tom takes on a somewhat different roll every Monday by keeping the pace rolling along smoothly while doing it with such reckless (i.e., muppet-like) abandon that he leaves performers and listeners rolling in the aisles with laughter."

Nancy Scott - Cambridge Common/Lizard Lounge


 "Tom has it all - the charisma to get the crowd listening, the welcoming spirit to make the performers feel at home, the engingeering skills to make it all sound good"

Performing Artist Danielle Miraglia

"The Benefit for Jane is a very special event that is in honor of my mother, Jane.  The event intends to raise awareness of the disease known as Kidney Cancer, and also to raise funds for the Kidney Cancer Association.  Since the event involves a great deal of logistical detail and organization, having a master of ceremonies who can make it all work while also finding a connection with the audience is very necessary.   Tom Bianchi has been an integral component of this annual event, and possesses the uncanny ability to utilize his comedic prowess toward setting everyone at ease, all while balancing the demands of an event with live music, raffles, a silent auction, and then some.  Bianchi works a crowd like no one I have ever seen before, and makes everyone within an ear-shot feel  that they are a part of what is going on.  Regardless of the environment, audience, or the type of event, Tom has the tools to cook up a winning formula for success."
-Adam Payne

Performer, Certified Bentley Leader Program (CBL)
 Bowles Performing Arts Series 
Arts and Lectures Program
 "Tom Bianchi defines what it means to host an event. Seamlessly propping up artists, moving along the night, whilst putting the crowd at ease and leaving folks in hysterical laughter. Everything from lasagna to cops to beer bellies to 80's movie references to boston bands you should have heard of- nothing is off limits and yet nothing crosses the line of decency. Tom is a master at the mixes, music shines and performers are given space to do what they do best. But between you and me- what happens between songs is the real show. Tom Bianchi has been the fire under my ass since I first stumbled into his LLOMC 3 years ago. He knows talent, knows development, knows sound and knows FUNNY. But - he'd better watch out cause I've been taking notes and I'm coming up. See you on stage Tommy boy. Argh! Argh!"  

Kristen Ford