The Performer

Armed with a 4 string bass a quick wit and an entertainment value that is uniquely all his own, Tom Bianchi as a solo artist or a band leader never lets and audience down with his ability to eclectically adapt to any situation.

Each 24 Hour Tom performance is like a unique recipe.  The ingredients are one part musicianship, one part host and storyteller, an eclectic mix of songs, add some humor and improvisation, mix well and enjoy.

Tom Bianchi has made himself a well known icon of the music scene in Boston area as well as all throughout New England. Sharpening his teeth as a subway musician, and as part of the prestigious Quincy Market Street Performer’s program, he has played stages from the humble Park Street Train Station to historic Club Passim in Harvard Square and The Somerville Theater on many occasions.

These days as a soloist Tom performs at many club venues and house concert series and also enjoys his weekly haunts at The Burren in Somerville on Sundays and Toad on Thursdays.  He is always available for hire.

“The very edgy Tom Bianchi”
Boston Magazine

“He had the crowd singing along”
Nick Zaino III - The Boston Globe

"You're a great host!"
Legendary Boston writer Steve Morse

"Best Entertainment For A Buck"
Boston Phoenix Award for best Subway musician
('course, when this one was announced the Subway cost a buck..."

“…he cut quite the picture approaching the stage holding his beat-up bass guitar with a strap proudly displaying scores of old buttons. The crowd was immediately suspicious…”
Nick Zaino III, The Boston Globe

"...few people can bring as much open-hearted fun to the bass as Tom Bianchi."
Matt Robinson - Sound Check Magazine

“Someone’s got to tell this guy he put a whole band out of a job with that bass guitar!”
Vance Gilbert - Legendary Boston-based singer/songwriter after taking in a set at Club Passim

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